How To Make Money Online Assessment – Discover This Strategy On How You Can Make Money Online Money

More people are searching for new ways to make money online. The reason for this is because people are interested in escaping their jobs, joining the wealth club, and living anywhere. They are tired of being short handed by their current employers and want to become their own boss.

The revolutionary way to make money online and build true wealth for yourself is by joining the right home business opportunity. By making money from home with the right home business, you can put yourself in position to sit back and collect checks for life. Below is some detailed information on how to make money online.

Let Me Go Further Into Detail On How This Works

Most people trade their time for money. If they do not work, they don’t get paid. Now some home business opportunities offer the chance to make money off of the essential services people use everyday. Those essential services are cell phone services, home phone services, energy services, home security services, and business services.

You Usually Get A Website

You normally have a website that is strictly for you. This website will be where are your customers will go to buy the services that they need. As soon as they buy their services on your website,you get a portion on their bills every month for as long as they remain your customer.

You Can Get Business Partners

Most home business opportunities do not put a limit on the amount of customers you can have, which makes your income limitless. However, not all home business opportunities are created equal. Some are scams. It is recommended to consult with an expert who has been in the arena before.

In addition, many home businesses allow you to go one step further. They allow you to introduce other people into the company as your business partners, and in return, you can earn income on their customers as well, which is called overriding residual income.

Is It Possible For You To Build True Wealth?

It is very possible for you to escape your job or career, join the new wealth club, and live anywhere. However, if you want to learn how to make money online, you must seek help from the experts who are qualified in the home business field.

The way this is done is by getting paid on the services people use everyday, like cell phone services and home security services. If you become a distributor for a good home business opportunity, you can make millions of dollars a year, by way of commissions from your customers bill.

Luckily for you, there are organizations of experts who offer free reports on how to build true wealth for yourself, through the strategy I proposed above.


Social Media Internet Marketing – If You Can Do it Once You Can Do it Twice Money

The statement, “If you can do it once you can do it twice if you did it on purpose” is used with some frequency in this article series on social media internet marketing as well as all over the marketing literature in one form or another. I have been asked to write an article devoted to what my own thinking is behind that statement. I had not thought to write this article on my own because I have been saying that as a trainer for a very long time and it is so basically fundamental (in my mind) that I forgot how important it is to really understand this concept. In my opinion this counts as one of those foundational keys to successful internet marketing.

Starting at the end of the statement, “…if you did it on purpose.” means that you had a desired result and some sort of plan of action to achieve that result. It was not a shot in the dark. You did what you did with intent and purpose. This is a critical point and is why I say it at the end of the statement where you are most likely to remember it. It is possible to achieve something you want by swinging wildly. However, it is unlikely you will be able to efficiently or consistently achieve it again. For example, if you have never played golf before you have no idea what you are doing though you do probably know the little ball goes into that tiny hole way over there. You take what you consider to be a decent swing at the ball (though any good golfers around you see it for what it is…a wild whack at the ball). It flies down the fairway and what do you know? It goes straight into that tiny hole way over there…a hole in one! Now…do it again. Yeah. Right. That is just not going to happen. You have no idea how you did it in the first place and it is nearly impossible to do even for the professionals. Sure, theoretically you did it once so you could certainly do it again. It would not be defying any laws of physics to so it could happen. But, you cannot make it happen when you want it to…or even get close. Until you understand what you must do to achieve a desired result in concrete terms you will not be able to learn to repeat it consistently enough to get sustainable results.

So, you now have a plan to execute and understand why you need that in order to reach your goal…which is probably to make a lot of money. In this discussion it makes sense to start referring to marketing instead of golf. It is time to address the beginning of the statement, “If you can do it once…”. You execute your strategy to get a visitor to your web site. It doesn’t work. What now? Since you know exactly what you did that did not achieve your desired result you can make an adjustment to that strategy. Just one. That is important. If you make several adjustments to your strategy at the same time you will have no idea what led to your success (and that, after all, is the important piece of information you are after here). With everything you are doing concretely understood by you and with the results concretely measured you can repeat this plan, execute, measure and adjust cycle until you find an execution plan that gets you your visitor. Now you know exactly how you got that one visitor. You probably also know some execution plans that do not work. Both pieces of information are highly valuable to you!

We find ourselves now at the second component of that original statement, “…you can do it twice…”. If your thought processes, execution plan and measuring methods are working rationally you now know how to get not only that one visitor. You also know how to get one visitor again…otherwise known as twice. By extension, you also now know how to get your third visitor…and your fourth…and your hundredth…thousandth… You have a concrete and consciously executable strategy that will get you a visitor. You can now get a visitor again whenever you want one by simply executing your known plan again. You have built the knowledge and skills necessary to build your business…on purpose.

Additionally, since you know all the steps to getting a visitor you can now also work to get better, faster and more efficient at what you are doing and accelerate your rate of visitors as compared to your effort. Also, since none of your steps are a mystery to you, eventually you will think of ways to improve and automate your steps for ever greater effectiveness.

Will you ever get to the point where you have thousands of visitors if you do not know exactly how you get the first one? And, if you do not know how to repeat what you did, will you know how to get the second one? The third? Fourth? No! While it is remotely possible you will get lucky if you take wild swings into the internet marketing universe you will never be able to look at your business, decide to make it grow and then make it happen…on purpose.

That first statement has now been broken down into its three parts and the reason each part is there has been explained. Following this paragraph is a mantra for you that is a logical extension of what this article has been about. Once you have an action set that you know to be effective you will want to take it to the next level of effectiveness by understanding and implementing exactly how to:

Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat…

If you can do it once you can do it twice, as long as you did it on purpose.

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The Misunderstood Emirati Money

For a decade I have had friends from around the world who have visited Dubai and spoken to me about Emiratis – the natives of United Arab Emirates. Most of what I have heard were unpleasant and negative comments about the Emiratis. These have ranged from remarks about their hypocrisy, greed and vanity to outright accusations of racism, religious intolerance and corrupt nature.

And for a year now, I have lived in Dubai hoping to meet these Emiratis who has been inspiring such tales. And surprising, they don’t seem to exist. My fascination with the culture, tradition, language, religion and people of this region has made me observe, analyse and present these facts about the Emirati people. To me they are a nation of well meaning but heavily misunderstood people. Here is why.

They are not arrogant: Emiratis are no more arrogant than a Filipino, Indian or American in the UAE. What they are is that they are very private people. When it comes to their family and personal lives, we would rarely find an Emirati person open up for discussions. The respect for their family, culture, value system and traditions has often led people to think of them as being aloof, secluded and therefore arrogant. What may surprise you is that a warm smile, a greeting and handshake is all that it takes to start a conversation with an Emirati. Dubai today is the business hub of the world. And that would not have happened if the natives of the land were arrogant and anything but welcoming.

They are not floating in money: A popular belief is that Emiratis are very privileged and lead a lavish life without their feet touching their ground. This is one of the most common misconceptions created both by the expats who live in the UAE and those who come to tour. You may often hear unverified statements passing around about an Emirati who is so rich, does not need to work and takes his or her country’s benefits for granted. However, if you took some time to observe the Emirati people, you would find them doing everything the way anyone else does. They wait in lines at a Starbucks, board the metros and walk around with their families in the many malls and. And the privileged few of the society are not restricted to the Emirati people alone. Many of the rich people in the UAE today are the expats, some of them are Arabs from other countries.

They do focus on education: At any rate, an average Emirati seems to have more education than an average westerner. I have heard some comments on the sly that Emiratis do not learn much and rely on their connections and influence to climb the ladder. Understandably in a country where the basic rules and laws are drafted in Arabic and English – it is but natural to see the citizens of that country preferred for top ranking jobs by its Government. Any one who believes Emiratis with very less education are given preference for jobs are wrongly informed. Every high ranking Emirati official we meet would have studied in one of the top colleges in the middle east or in the world.

They do have a sense of fashion: Yes the men prefer the Kandura and the women wear the Abhaya. But no, they don’t do it because they don’t have any other clothes! Wake up expats. The Emiratis respect their traditions and culture to a great extent and believe in continuing them through the ages. It is infact a crying shame that most Asian countries have forgotten or hide their traditional costumes and opt for western attires. As for the doubts about their fashion sense that doesn’t adhere to the western tastes, do observe where the Emiratis shop for their non traditional clothes, watch a fashion show showing Emirati designers or just take a moment to notice the Emirati youth hanging out at the malls and you will never doubt again!

They do love mixing with other cultures: Although the Emiratis culture is traditionally influenced by culture of the Persian empire, the modern Emirati is a perfect mix of cultures from both the east and west. From India to America, Emiratis have taken cultural lessons and blended them into their modern lifestyles. This is apparent from many aspects of their day to day work and personal life. They wear traditional outfits, drive the most modern cars, eat Chinese food, watch an Indian film and hang out with their American friends. Now, if that is not mixing up cultures, then what is?

I believe the Emiratis are poorly understood in their own land. I have of late heard of Emiratis being discriminated in the UAE purely because of their appearance and the perceptions, prejudice and apprehensions the expats have towards them. In a land which is open to the entire world to come and profit and live peacefully, being a misunderstood native is not an easy thing. It may eerily resemble the story of the new world – the Americas, where everyone migrated to live and prosper and slowly the misunderstood native American Indian tribes faded out of existence. However, with a modernizer like Sheikh Mohammed steering this great nation that is an unlikely possibility. What could become possible one day is that the misguided ideas about the locals may end up pushing them further inward into this bubbling society, forcing them to live in its center rather than branching out everywhere. This would create newer challenges for the government and people. Will such things come to pass? Will the misconceptions never be broken? Will the day come when the local Emirati is understood and appreciated in his own country by everyone else?

Only time will tell.

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The Most Stressful Jobs on the Planet Money

When you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action, Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. This is one of the definitions online when you Google stress.

Why would a job be called stressful, I bet everyone considers his job stressful and it is in fact so, it works exactly as “beauty in the eye of the beholder”… right?, But in fact every job has a level of stress.

Stress is always associated with reaching a target, when you are studying for an exam and the date is getting closer, when you are training for a competition and it is getting closer. Exactly when you are working on some important reports or even meeting an important client or meeting your boss, stress level accumulates, something is coming towards you and you are afraid of the end result.

Will it kill you? That is the question to rate your stress, if it is 100% yes that is a stressful job on all counts. In an annual study by Forbes ” The 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2016″ the military comes as the most stressful job, that is a person whom will not lose a pay cheq if he misses up, no he will lose his life or lives of others. And so on, the scale goes, firefighter as the second, airline pilot, police officer and here comes at fifth “the event coordinator”.

What is an event coordinator doing in such high-risk list? He will not die… right? Well no he won’t but it the closest… why you ask?

And before I continue let me clear something, Event Coordinators, Event Managers, Event Planners, are all the same job, titles vary based on event business size.

Let us take this scenario: When you are planning an event, simple as family meeting, the simplest would be calling the relatives, inviting them and asking each to bring something to the party… right? What if every one of those relatives counted on the others on bringing their assigned stuff and he forgot his because he was very busy in his stressful job! And ops, we all counted on each other and none brought anything? What if all brought everything and they came to an outdoor party and starts to rain, or indoor party and it is a blackout, or none even showed up, scenarios of failure are a lot, and ah yes, all might go fine but what happens if a fail scenario becomes reality, the family gathering would fail. How bad can it be? All invitees will have a bad memory and they keep taking about it every good event they gather… “this is a lot better that what happened at John’s last year” and you go in history as the failed story.

Let us take it up a notch, you are planning your wedding and everyone important in your life will be present, your family, friends and collogues, and the caterer you chose did not show up on time or did a bad job or the decoration did not finish on time or even… Again… a blackout!. working on a meeting of important clients and departments heads, and something goes wrong. What is the worst can be? The result will be in history, your own history and you fail it, it will be there forever till you are one of those lucky people gets a second chance.

The event planning is a massive job, I always look at it as when you hire someone to build a multistory building with all services functional in all rooms and apartments, electricity, water, fire alarm systems, staffing, cleaners… etc, all to be ready in a specific day, specific time, for a specific duration and then you have dismantled all back to ground level, this is what they do, and it is all about precision and time and all done usually by one person who acts like a hub connecting all together, you will never accept a late service at your wedding and the failure here is catastrophic at all levels, if a supplier has a car accident, it is the event manager fault not the supplier and he is blamed for every mistake.

A failed job means:

1- Reputation, imagine a failure in a wedding, all invitees whom are possible clients or source of clients, become a negative effect on your reputation, or worse if you fail on organizing an Olympics grand opening, it becomes CNN news.

2- Finances, fees will be negotiated if not waived, talking about a pending payment. If the client does not pay or pay less, either the event manager will pay suppliers less or will have to pay in full from his own money and if not paid, he losses reputation with suppliers as well. It might be bankruptcy for event managers

3- Career changer, event managers, grow at their work, they start with 1 dollar jobs at first, then 100 dollars jobs then jobs of thousands then millions, and any one failed event, it is the higher you go, the louder the fall, it will mark and draw the line of your maximum growth or you might have to change your career and start all over again. Remember, events are usually public in their nature, even private events, when it fails it becomes public talk to the attendees.

What most people do not get is that, there is no event management company that has on its storage or on its payroll everything that is required to run an event, most of the time the event manager is acting like a middle man, with style… in some sort. So venue, decorations, furniture, lights, sound, catering, shows, staffing, director and every aspect of the event I forgot to mention, most of the time, one or two or even three item are under the full control and payroll of the event manager and the others are not, so those others have mind of their own and operations of their own and they do one mistake, it comes to the event manager.

Event manager is an underpaid person, with CEO responsibility on an event execution and the power of a zero personnel managed department manager whose job depends on others executions whom has their own managers and own priorities.

BUT… But, this article yes is about the job stress but I do not want to end this article on sadness J. This job has one characteristic that makes it one of the best jobs when we talk about the success, as an event manager, you will see the success direct in the face of your clients at the end of the event, when they come to thank you and when you get a call from a new client who is calling because he heard or saw that success.

The purpose of writing this article is just a tribute to event managers, whom are working behind every single good event you have participated in or even saw. after all they are the best stress managers.

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Business VoIP Solutions – Select the Best Solution Money

The business houses that deals in outsourcing bids an adieu to traditional Public Switched Telephone Network for their daily communicating needs. The conventional PSTN communication system is based on heavily regulated network of circuit switched technique. This circuit switched network charges heavy on every call. Today, with an advent of IP telephony, business houses make long distance or international calls at minimum rates. Switching to VoIP solutions has become a logical alternative for many business and corporate houses that are looking for definite improvement in their profits.

The VoIP solution varies on the basis of type, size and operations of business. There are two types of business VoIP solutions i.e. call termination services and IP Centrex service. So, depending upon business solutions, voice over IP service varies from small, medium and large organisation to improve on the call productivity and cost efficiency. While availing call termination service, any business or corporate house can reduce monthly telephone expenditure by 50 % compared to traditional PSTN. Well, this is because business calls are terminated by using public internet or privately managed IP network. Thereby, it increases the profit margin of the business. The IP Centrex or Hosted Centrex service deals with virtual PBX replacement service. In the IP Centrix service, business house has to choose the service provider that offers PBX from their “host” soft switch at their POP over business’s existing broadband connection.

For making cheap calling through VoIP, user requires a computer, broadband connection, Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA as well as latest VoIP services. This allows the user to make calling as normal using standard phone lines. While searching for the best VoIP business solution provider, user must look for features like voice quality, cost efficiency, network integration, functionality and security.

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