HIPAA Data Security – Doesn’t Have to Mean High Cost For Small Medical Practices Money

The American healthcare system is moving forward. Thanks to the HITECH Act of 2009, physicians and hospitals are encouraged with $19 billion dollars in spending to convert their old paper charts to new Electronic Health Records (EHR). Medical records and physician charts are essential for the smooth operation and delivery of optimal and continuous healthcare. These records must be available to the doctor or nurse at all times and should be easy to access when needed.

The thought of spending time and money to overhaul a fully-immersed and often entirely adequate paper system can be overwhelming to small medical practices. Smaller practices do not usually have the technological resources to keep up with new standards of protected health information (PHI) storage and delivery. However, it is possible for even small, rural community clinics to join the EHR system without needing to hire a full IT team.

Solo physician clinics and small medical practices may wonder why they need to change their system if they like it, it’s familiar, and – most importantly – it works. Paper charts with patient information offer little to no security or backup in case of physical damage. Insurance may cover the building and most of its’ contents in a fire or flood, but patient charts will be wiped clean and started anew. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of moving to an EHR system is the ability to save, maintain, update, and backup important patient personal health data.

Contrary to popular belief, HITECH compliance does not always require a large capital surplus to ensure your patient’s private data is backed-up and protected. Small medical practices can get away with spending a few thousand dollars to implement technology from a company that offers sizable, on-demand service.

Technological options for healthcare organizations have come a long way from the complex server or appliance based solutions. Several years ago, these were the only options and could cost upwards of $50,000. Even with that cost, these solutions were far from comprehensive and only provided part of the encryption protection required by HIPAA. “Cloud computing” has revolutionized the way we think about spending IT dollars and is quickly replacing former costly solutions.

“Cloud computing” is a term that refers to applications that can be leveraged over the internet. This type of solution eliminates the need for costly and confusing software packages or excessive servers requiring IT maintenance. Typically, the physician or practice will pay a per-user fee for access to a system that is maintained by a third party. This enables the application to be fully customized to fit a big metropolitan hospital or small rural community clinic.

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Pros and Cons of an Internal Medicine Specialist Money

A doctor of internal medicine, also called an internist, specializes in diagnosing and treating adults. You can expect a physician of this type to be well-versed in many conditions that may plague patients during adulthood, as opposed to someone who treats children or patients of all ages. If you have the option to see this type of doctor, you should learn the pros and cons of doing so, compared to other doctors.

The main reason to see a doctor of internal medicine is that he or she focuses only on diseases that may appear in adults. For this reason, many physicians in this specialty know more about each condition than a general practitioner might, since the latter is not a specialist in the area. Therefore, even if you choose a general practitioner, you may be sent to an internist anyway when he or she cannot properly diagnose the issue. If you suspect the problem you have is rare or complicated, or your current physician seems to have never heard of it, you should likely see a doctor of internal medicine.

Of course, you should check with your insurance provider before you make this decision. Some providers require people to get a referral from their current practitioner before seeing a specialist. In addition, copays may be higher when you see a practitioner who specializes in any field. For this reason, if your insurance is restrictive or you are looking to save money on your copays, you might choose a general practitioner first. You can then switch to an internist if you need to in the future.

In addition, when you choose an internal medicine specialist, you cannot have your whole family go to the same practice. Many people like to go to a family practice so their children, spouse, and other loved ones of any age can all see the same physician. Clearly, an internist cannot provide this advantage unless your children are already adults. Therefore, if you seek the convenience of all seeing the same doctor, you should go to a family-oriented office first, and then switch to a specialist if you need to.

Knowing these facts may help you decide whether to go to an office of internal medicine or stick with someone who can treat your whole family at any age. You will need to weigh the pros and cons, considering both your health and insurance coverage while you are at it. Of course, you can always change your mind when necessary after you make your choice.

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How To Make Money Online Assessment – Discover This Strategy On How You Can Make Money Online Money

More people are searching for new ways to make money online. The reason for this is because people are interested in escaping their jobs, joining the wealth club, and living anywhere. They are tired of being short handed by their current employers and want to become their own boss.

The revolutionary way to make money online and build true wealth for yourself is by joining the right home business opportunity. By making money from home with the right home business, you can put yourself in position to sit back and collect checks for life. Below is some detailed information on how to make money online.

Let Me Go Further Into Detail On How This Works

Most people trade their time for money. If they do not work, they don’t get paid. Now some home business opportunities offer the chance to make money off of the essential services people use everyday. Those essential services are cell phone services, home phone services, energy services, home security services, and business services.

You Usually Get A Website

You normally have a website that is strictly for you. This website will be where are your customers will go to buy the services that they need. As soon as they buy their services on your website,you get a portion on their bills every month for as long as they remain your customer.

You Can Get Business Partners

Most home business opportunities do not put a limit on the amount of customers you can have, which makes your income limitless. However, not all home business opportunities are created equal. Some are scams. It is recommended to consult with an expert who has been in the arena before.

In addition, many home businesses allow you to go one step further. They allow you to introduce other people into the company as your business partners, and in return, you can earn income on their customers as well, which is called overriding residual income.

Is It Possible For You To Build True Wealth?

It is very possible for you to escape your job or career, join the new wealth club, and live anywhere. However, if you want to learn how to make money online, you must seek help from the experts who are qualified in the home business field.

The way this is done is by getting paid on the services people use everyday, like cell phone services and home security services. If you become a distributor for a good home business opportunity, you can make millions of dollars a year, by way of commissions from your customers bill.

Luckily for you, there are organizations of experts who offer free reports on how to build true wealth for yourself, through the strategy I proposed above.


Social Media Internet Marketing – If You Can Do it Once You Can Do it Twice Money

The statement, “If you can do it once you can do it twice if you did it on purpose” is used with some frequency in this article series on social media internet marketing as well as all over the marketing literature in one form or another. I have been asked to write an article devoted to what my own thinking is behind that statement. I had not thought to write this article on my own because I have been saying that as a trainer for a very long time and it is so basically fundamental (in my mind) that I forgot how important it is to really understand this concept. In my opinion this counts as one of those foundational keys to successful internet marketing.

Starting at the end of the statement, “…if you did it on purpose.” means that you had a desired result and some sort of plan of action to achieve that result. It was not a shot in the dark. You did what you did with intent and purpose. This is a critical point and is why I say it at the end of the statement where you are most likely to remember it. It is possible to achieve something you want by swinging wildly. However, it is unlikely you will be able to efficiently or consistently achieve it again. For example, if you have never played golf before you have no idea what you are doing though you do probably know the little ball goes into that tiny hole way over there. You take what you consider to be a decent swing at the ball (though any good golfers around you see it for what it is…a wild whack at the ball). It flies down the fairway and what do you know? It goes straight into that tiny hole way over there…a hole in one! Now…do it again. Yeah. Right. That is just not going to happen. You have no idea how you did it in the first place and it is nearly impossible to do even for the professionals. Sure, theoretically you did it once so you could certainly do it again. It would not be defying any laws of physics to so it could happen. But, you cannot make it happen when you want it to…or even get close. Until you understand what you must do to achieve a desired result in concrete terms you will not be able to learn to repeat it consistently enough to get sustainable results.

So, you now have a plan to execute and understand why you need that in order to reach your goal…which is probably to make a lot of money. In this discussion it makes sense to start referring to marketing instead of golf. It is time to address the beginning of the statement, “If you can do it once…”. You execute your strategy to get a visitor to your web site. It doesn’t work. What now? Since you know exactly what you did that did not achieve your desired result you can make an adjustment to that strategy. Just one. That is important. If you make several adjustments to your strategy at the same time you will have no idea what led to your success (and that, after all, is the important piece of information you are after here). With everything you are doing concretely understood by you and with the results concretely measured you can repeat this plan, execute, measure and adjust cycle until you find an execution plan that gets you your visitor. Now you know exactly how you got that one visitor. You probably also know some execution plans that do not work. Both pieces of information are highly valuable to you!

We find ourselves now at the second component of that original statement, “…you can do it twice…”. If your thought processes, execution plan and measuring methods are working rationally you now know how to get not only that one visitor. You also know how to get one visitor again…otherwise known as twice. By extension, you also now know how to get your third visitor…and your fourth…and your hundredth…thousandth… You have a concrete and consciously executable strategy that will get you a visitor. You can now get a visitor again whenever you want one by simply executing your known plan again. You have built the knowledge and skills necessary to build your business…on purpose.

Additionally, since you know all the steps to getting a visitor you can now also work to get better, faster and more efficient at what you are doing and accelerate your rate of visitors as compared to your effort. Also, since none of your steps are a mystery to you, eventually you will think of ways to improve and automate your steps for ever greater effectiveness.

Will you ever get to the point where you have thousands of visitors if you do not know exactly how you get the first one? And, if you do not know how to repeat what you did, will you know how to get the second one? The third? Fourth? No! While it is remotely possible you will get lucky if you take wild swings into the internet marketing universe you will never be able to look at your business, decide to make it grow and then make it happen…on purpose.

That first statement has now been broken down into its three parts and the reason each part is there has been explained. Following this paragraph is a mantra for you that is a logical extension of what this article has been about. Once you have an action set that you know to be effective you will want to take it to the next level of effectiveness by understanding and implementing exactly how to:

Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat…

If you can do it once you can do it twice, as long as you did it on purpose.

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The Misunderstood Emirati Money

For a decade I have had friends from around the world who have visited Dubai and spoken to me about Emiratis – the natives of United Arab Emirates. Most of what I have heard were unpleasant and negative comments about the Emiratis. These have ranged from remarks about their hypocrisy, greed and vanity to outright accusations of racism, religious intolerance and corrupt nature.

And for a year now, I have lived in Dubai hoping to meet these Emiratis who has been inspiring such tales. And surprising, they don’t seem to exist. My fascination with the culture, tradition, language, religion and people of this region has made me observe, analyse and present these facts about the Emirati people. To me they are a nation of well meaning but heavily misunderstood people. Here is why.

They are not arrogant: Emiratis are no more arrogant than a Filipino, Indian or American in the UAE. What they are is that they are very private people. When it comes to their family and personal lives, we would rarely find an Emirati person open up for discussions. The respect for their family, culture, value system and traditions has often led people to think of them as being aloof, secluded and therefore arrogant. What may surprise you is that a warm smile, a greeting and handshake is all that it takes to start a conversation with an Emirati. Dubai today is the business hub of the world. And that would not have happened if the natives of the land were arrogant and anything but welcoming.

They are not floating in money: A popular belief is that Emiratis are very privileged and lead a lavish life without their feet touching their ground. This is one of the most common misconceptions created both by the expats who live in the UAE and those who come to tour. You may often hear unverified statements passing around about an Emirati who is so rich, does not need to work and takes his or her country’s benefits for granted. However, if you took some time to observe the Emirati people, you would find them doing everything the way anyone else does. They wait in lines at a Starbucks, board the metros and walk around with their families in the many malls and. And the privileged few of the society are not restricted to the Emirati people alone. Many of the rich people in the UAE today are the expats, some of them are Arabs from other countries.

They do focus on education: At any rate, an average Emirati seems to have more education than an average westerner. I have heard some comments on the sly that Emiratis do not learn much and rely on their connections and influence to climb the ladder. Understandably in a country where the basic rules and laws are drafted in Arabic and English – it is but natural to see the citizens of that country preferred for top ranking jobs by its Government. Any one who believes Emiratis with very less education are given preference for jobs are wrongly informed. Every high ranking Emirati official we meet would have studied in one of the top colleges in the middle east or in the world.

They do have a sense of fashion: Yes the men prefer the Kandura and the women wear the Abhaya. But no, they don’t do it because they don’t have any other clothes! Wake up expats. The Emiratis respect their traditions and culture to a great extent and believe in continuing them through the ages. It is infact a crying shame that most Asian countries have forgotten or hide their traditional costumes and opt for western attires. As for the doubts about their fashion sense that doesn’t adhere to the western tastes, do observe where the Emiratis shop for their non traditional clothes, watch a fashion show showing Emirati designers or just take a moment to notice the Emirati youth hanging out at the malls and you will never doubt again!

They do love mixing with other cultures: Although the Emiratis culture is traditionally influenced by culture of the Persian empire, the modern Emirati is a perfect mix of cultures from both the east and west. From India to America, Emiratis have taken cultural lessons and blended them into their modern lifestyles. This is apparent from many aspects of their day to day work and personal life. They wear traditional outfits, drive the most modern cars, eat Chinese food, watch an Indian film and hang out with their American friends. Now, if that is not mixing up cultures, then what is?

I believe the Emiratis are poorly understood in their own land. I have of late heard of Emiratis being discriminated in the UAE purely because of their appearance and the perceptions, prejudice and apprehensions the expats have towards them. In a land which is open to the entire world to come and profit and live peacefully, being a misunderstood native is not an easy thing. It may eerily resemble the story of the new world – the Americas, where everyone migrated to live and prosper and slowly the misunderstood native American Indian tribes faded out of existence. However, with a modernizer like Sheikh Mohammed steering this great nation that is an unlikely possibility. What could become possible one day is that the misguided ideas about the locals may end up pushing them further inward into this bubbling society, forcing them to live in its center rather than branching out everywhere. This would create newer challenges for the government and people. Will such things come to pass? Will the misconceptions never be broken? Will the day come when the local Emirati is understood and appreciated in his own country by everyone else?

Only time will tell.

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