Is It Alright If Candida Sufferers Donate Their Blood? Money

Someone asked me if a Candida sufferer can donate blood to those who need them. There is happened to be a big accident near her living place, so she feels that she has to donate, too. Well, since Candida isn’t recognized as a disease by the mainstream medical authorities, I believe they won’t turn you down because of your having Candida.

At first, I thought that I wouldn’t want to give anyone any of the Candida and/or bacteria that I have in my blood, if I should have such things in my blood. Then I realized that my tainted blood (though it is not incurable) would be better than no blood at all. In other words if your blood means the difference between life and death for someone, then don’t even worry about Candida.

My college friend had her Candida in the blood stream. She donated twice, but we never think it was such a good idea. I didn’t want someone else to go through what I did, really. But it was clear now that that is not so bad, since the time I went and spoke to my chiropractor.

My chiropractor – who is also a Candida survivor – said to me that the blood is more important than the Candida. It seems to be that if somebody is in such a bad shape that they need blood, we have to put our Candida second. However, she suggested that we wait for a week or two to donate. If there are so many people who donate, and there is a need in a couple of weeks, all those people won’t be eligible to donate again.

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